Kedatangan Presiden AS Barack Obama Di Bali
Bali Regional Police guarding all entrances to ensure the island has been tightened ahead of the arrival of United States President Barack Obama. Descendants of the first black President in the U.S. were estimated to arrive in the second week in June next.

Head of Regional Police (Polda) Balinese Inspector General Sutisna states, security at all entrances to Bali was part of the prevention of acts of terrorism are suspected as the highest threat related to the coming of Obama's plan.

It was not solely related to the coming of Obama to Bali, but also valid for visits to other countries considering the U.S. position as a superpower.

The assertion was made after bertelewicara Sutisna with the Indonesian National Police Chief Gen Bambang Hendarso Danuri Police, Monday (31 / 5).

"The threat of terrorism is always there, especially the pattern of the perpetrators of terrorism changed from preparing the bride (suicide bombers) to confront nature. All that must be anticipated, "said Sutisna.

There are at least five entrances to Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport ie and four seaports, including Port Gilimanuk, Padangbai, Benoa, and Celukan Onion.

Sutisna ensure small ports were not immune from strict vigil along the apparatus 24 hours a day.

In separate places, IX Udayana Regional Military Commander Brigadier General Budiyanto Rachmat said the number of security-related assistance in Bali, President Obama began imported, one from the Australian Government. Among other forms of equipment and transportation security.

He revealed it plans to deploy at least 4480 personnel to secure the visit of President Obama. They would be secured and the pathways around the area where Obama was staying in Bali.

Sutisna admitted not knowing the exact time of arrival or Obama to Indonesia to Bali. It was only obtained after the arrival of the team to Bali to U.S. Secret Service, 9 June. The team had ever come to Bali a few months ago before finally coming of Obama to Indonesia postponed.

Based on the previous agenda, President Obama will visit some tourist attractions in Bali, among others, Uluwatu Temple, Monkey Forest, and the University of Udayana

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